Watch Friendship Canada Grow!

Watch Friendship Canada Grow!

In 2016, Friendship Ministries—Canada applied for a grant at the Charis Foundation in Ontario. We want to say a huge thank-you to the Foundation, which granted us funds to encourage growth of programs here in Canada and to promote our new TOGETHER materials. The funds have been used to invest in much-needed upgrades to technology in our office—that’s exciting! Because of the grant, we’ve also been able to visit new Friendship groups and attend several ministry conferences in Canada. We love to encourage mentors and leaders with personal visits, and the conferences help us continue growing and adapting this ministry by keeping a pulse on the Church today.

One additional gift from the Charis grant was the ability to showcase inclusive, accessible, multi-sensory ministry in a new video. You know what they say—a picture is worth a thousand words! There’s nothing quite like seeing a Friendship group in action. We hope this video encourages you in your own ministry. You are truly making a difference.

Please share this video with your own pastors, friends, and social media followers to spread the message of inclusive ministry.

We hope to do more in the near future with the grant, so stay tuned!

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