Unexpected Guests

The Magi: Unexpected Guests

On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him.
–Matthew 2:11

This verse is part of the Scripture message, Matthew 2:1-12, that we highlight in our newest TOGETHER Bible study, “The Magi: Unexpected Guests.”

To celebrate this launch, we offer this overview of “The Magi: Unexpected Guests” for donors and prospective group leaders!

We chose Matthew 2:1-12 because it highlights the idea that Jesus is the savior for ALL people. From this theme, the Bible study will help users:

  • Tell how God used the Magi to show us that the Good news is for everyone.
  • Be assured that the Good News of Jesus Christ is for all people, including us!
  • Celebrate Christmas by planning to include or show love to God’s people we sometimes forget.

To really drive these main points home, we’re including a variety of multimedia resources. This includes fun hands-on activities, short video lessons, and group discussion questions. The variety of learning methods makes the study both engaging and entertaining!

It’s thanks to all of YOU that we were able to create this study for the Advent season. We thank you for making the Christmas story more accessible than ever! Now let’s get the message out there to ALL of our brother and sisters in Christ.

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