Transitioning towards Adulthood, Part 2

Transitioning toward Adulthood, Part 2

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Dear Youth Ministry Leader,

We’ve talked about the importance of inclusive small groups, especially as students transition from childhood to adulthood. But how exactly do you make it happen?

We believe that a tool called TOGETHER can help you. This curriculum is suitable for those who live with special needs and those who don’t. And the best part is, you don’t have to split these students up, as is so often the case in the teen and early adult years.

Check out the TOGETHER Curriculum Introduction video by our Executive Director, Tom VanWingerden, and the tool’s developer, a super duper special education teacher named Barb Newman.

Neat, eh? Want to learn more? Check out the free sample sessions here to see if it’s something that your youth group can benefit from. We also offer tools for adapting the sessions to the needs of your group—easy ways to tweak the curriculum so that it works best for you!

We encourage you to give TOGETHER a try. It’s full of video clips and a full leadership guide—lesson planning could not be easier. There’s a wide range of biblically based materials for you to explore and experience with your students. And remember, our Friendship support team is always here to help you troubleshoot and consult for specific problems. We want to help you succeed!

We’re certain that now your students all ALL levels of ability will be able learn and grow in God’s word, grasping the meaning and applying it to their lives. And we know this has been your heart from the beginning! May God bless your ministry.

In Christ’s love,

Heather DeBoer,
Friendship Ministries—Canada

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