TOGETHER is a new, unique, online curriculum for disability ministry. If you have used Friendship material in the past, you will find much that is familiar: songs, Bible stories, dramas, and take-home papers, to name a few. But you will also find much that is different.

Watch the video above to learn how TOGETHER can work with your Friendship group.

TOGETHER is delivered entirely online, which means that you will be able to access it as soon as you order it from Once you’re looking at the Leader’s Guide online, you will see fun, interactive “warm-up” exercises, recommended videos to accompany the songs, and dramatic and visual Bible presentations. This new approach provides learners of all abilities with important tools so that each participant can grow in faith and friendship.

“The new curriculum is amazing, and so well received by friends and mentors.”
— Tina from Smithers, BC

But wait, there’s more!

In the past, disability ministry has often meant developing programs–like Friendship Groups–that gather individuals with disabilities independently, apart. This is a good, valuable method, a method that works well for many people. But what if we took things a step further? What is there was less emphasis on apart, and more emphasis on together?

In addition to the traditional disability ministry track, TOGETHER has a second, parallel track that is appropriate for use with any small group that would like to include a person or two who have intellectual disability. Think about it: so many people find and develop their closest communities in the context of their small group, but small groups by their very nature often automatically exclude anyone who can’t read. TOGETHER provides a way to close that gap.

Are you interested? Curious? You can learn more–and check out some free samples–at!