Tips for Virtual Ministry

Thanks to everyone who has been tuning in to my “Friendship Friday” videos and joining us for Friendship Leaders Connect events these past few weeks! We’ve shared many challenges and triumphs as inclusive ministry has pivoted to adapt to online and socially distant methods.

Here’s a few of my favorite tips from our Friendship Fridays. May you be encouraged to continue reaching out and engaging with your Friends & Mentors.


  • Try making your video call a lighthearted competition. Give out points for those who tune in, who wear a hat, or who share a prayer request.
  • Ask Friends to participate in a “show and share” time as they bring something interesting up to the camera during a video call.
  • Create care packages with treats and an encouraging note for your Friends.
  • Celebrate a Friend’s birthday by meeting outside their house and singing “Happy Birthday” from a distance on the lawn.
  • Email activities like Friendship coloring pages or craft ideas to group homes in your area.
  • Make yard signs to place in a Friend’s yard that remind them they are loved and missed.
  • Send a hand-signed card to your Friends & Mentors.
  • Mix up your video calls – experiment with a TOGETHER video one week and a simple singing and prayer time the next week.

We created a beautiful “Friendship Across Canada” video with participation from more than a dozen Friends & Mentors from all over the country. Check it out on our Facebook page and share the love!

Do you have more ideas to share? Please reach out to to share them with me!

Heather DeBoer

Friendship Ministries Canada