The Widow’s Offering

Every day at the Friendship Ministries office I walk out to the road to get the mail, head back inside, and open each piece of mail one by one. The bills (yes, bills unfortunately) go into one pile, and the checks (yes!) go into another. While opening the bills is one of those necessary tasks, opening the envelopes with checks from our donors is always a wonderful and humbling experience.

Over the years I have been blessed to see many checks, but there’s a particular envelope I always look forward to receiving. Every now and then I will open an envelope without any return address or indication of who it is from. This envelope always has a single dollar bill in it. Nothing else… just a lone, single dollar bill.

Though I often wonder from where this single dollar bill comes, more importantly I am always struck with the beauty of this gift. The story of the widow’s offering comes to mind – a gift of love and self-sacrifice, despite its size. And I think about how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement of a large gift, or a significant number of gifts from our many supporters. But with this single dollar bill, I am reminded of God’s constant grace, arriving when it is most unlooked for and most needed.

This dollar, mailed with a stamp that cost half its value, is more about sending a message of support, encouragement, and surprise blessing. It underlines the importance of what Friendship Ministries means to the many people who use it and grow closer to God because of what He has led us to do. The purchase value of that single dollar may be small, but the message from God always reaches my heart. I am full of gratitude for the love, encouragement, passion, and appreciation from so many for what is happening through Friendship Ministries.

Thank you and bless you all for your love, prayers, and support (big and small) for Friendship Ministries as we all “grow deeper in our relationship with God and with each other in community together.”

To God alone be the glory!

Tom VanWingerden

Executive Director

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