The Power of Prayer

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. (Jeremiah 29:12) 

How have you experienced the power of prayer? Prayer can do so many things. It can bring healing, enlightenment, or even transformation. It will come as no surprise to anyone involved in Friendship that our friends’ deep and heartfelt prayers are often the highlight of our gathering times. We’d like to share with you a few stories about prayer that we have heard recently from some groups in Canada.

In one Friendship Group, a friend began praying earnestly when her mother was growing sick. “Since Christmas, our friend’s mother was in her last days and the friend was asking for prayer for herself to accept her mother’s release from this world to go and be with Jesus. She broke down in tears and right away several other friends jumped to her side, put their arms around her and prayed for her. It was a very sweet moment where care and love were displayed so genuinely and purely. A few days later her mom died and she was ready to release her mom to Jesus. She was calm and had the strength to get up in front at the funeral to sing a song for her mom. I believe our prayers were answered for her.” -Gretchen in Ontario 

In another group, prayer brought all the participants closer together: “We’ve started using a prayer book this year. The mentor leading prayer writes down both friends’ and mentors’ requests and then prays for each. This has made our prayer time much more meaningful and has helped us all to get to know and to support one another better. Friends are asked if they want to pray for their own request, and some do, while the mentor leading prayer prays for others. We follow up on the prayers of the week before and praise God when prayers are answered. This has been a real blessing.” – Jan in Ontario 

Finally, prayer became an edifying process for another group in Ontario: “We have been going through the Prayer material. Part of this includes often starting with a circle prayer. Two important things have come out of this. We have learned how all friends can still participate in this in a very meaningful way—for example, just by saying “amen” or passing the prayer heart pillow along.  It also has created an atmosphere where we acknowledge that we can talk to God right where we are meeting (vs. offering a prayer request to a leader who presents it on our behalf). One of our friends has been dealing with pain that has been progressively getting worse. She prayed that God would teach her what she needed to learn through the pain. Our entire group, mentors and friends, learned from her wisdom.” – Betty in Ontario 

Prayer is a gift that brings all believers closer to God—and often to each other, as well. Do you have a story of how God has blessed your group through prayer? We’d love to hear it!

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