What People Say About Friendship

“Friendship helped me to see Jesus’ love.”
Chris, friend

“The Friendship group exposes my daughter to Christian education with people learning at her level. She enjoys every moment of Friendship, from the joyful songs to the teachings. She is invited to play guitar and sing, and it has built her confidence up tremendously. It is so important for her to see herself as an equal in her community. We couldn’t ask for more!”
Susan, parent

“I love our class because I get to know Jesus better and learn to live the way he wants me to live.”
Patty, friend

“We’ve used God, Our Father, Jesus, Our Savior, and when we realized we are coming to the end of The Spirit, Our Helper we just about died! We are really happy with this material, and pleased to find that more is available.”
Elsie, group leader

“I donate because I believe Friendship students can easily be left on the fringes of the church, and your organization helps remedy that.”
Mark, mentor

“I’ve learned so much about God [at Friendship]. I’ve learned that I’m never alone. I always have Jesus with me…and I always have other people who care about me too.”
A friend in Dubuque, IA

“Can you remember doing something special for 20 years and loving it? It’s the friendships, past and present, which keep me involved. My words of wisdom for others: JOIN US!”
Amy, mentor

“I am living proof of being the most unqualified person to be called to a ministry that I knew absolutely nothing about! But after finally trusting God that He knew exactly what He was doing, I have never experienced so much incredible joy and honor!”
Roger, group leader

“It was amazing to pray with Kristen…. Although I did not completely understand Kristen’s words, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit surround us. I learned the art of what Kristen and I can do together in ministry, instead of what I can do for Kristen.”
— Noel, mentor

“I came into the meeting guarded and self-conscious, yet these people seemed to be free of the ‘hang ups’ and baggage that I carry around. I saw something that I long for in worship. That is, laughter and dancing and rejoicing without any obstacles in the way…The nature of worshipping God was truly being expressed…I saw myself wanting to be involved in the future. I am sold on Friendship Ministries.”
Randy, seminary student, after a visit to a Friendship event

“I’ve been a better person than what I was when I first started [coming to Friendship].”
David, friend