Summer Friendship

At the Friendship Ministries headquarters in Michigan, USA, it’s finally beginning to feel like spring. Leaves are budding, birds are singing, and the sunshine is bringing all of our neighbors out of their houses to enjoy the fresh air. So, naturally, we’re already thinking about the next season—summer!

Many Friendship groups find it challenging to stay connected through the summer months. Schedules are often loose and may be interrupted by family vacations, summer camp, and other activities.

If your group is looking for fun ways to stay connected throughout the summer, we have some new ideas for you to try!

Invite Friends to Church Events

Your church may already have some great activities planned for the summer. Make sure your Friends and their families are invited to volunteer or participate.

  • Vacation Bible School (VBS)
  • Summertime carnivals or festivals
  • Church picnics or rummage sales
  • Worship nights

Plan Outdoor Activities

It’s not always easy to create a separate off-campus outing for Friendship groups, but with a little creativity you can still find a destination that works.

  • Picnic together at a park or someone’s home—everyone brings a dish to pass
  • Spend the day at a church member’s cottage for boat rides, lawn games, and a cookout
  • Invite your friends to help you out in the garden, or visit your friend at his or her home and garden together
  • Host a 1K “Fun Run” with prizes and snacks/supper afterward
  • Organize a hike or a trip to the beach

Host Indoor Events

If weather is a factor, indoor events are the most convenient option. Utilize your church or a member’s house for a fun get-together.

  • Hold a community basketball game at the church gymnasium or plan an evening at the local professional team’s game
  • Plan a game night at church with prizes, piñatas, a water balloon toss, and more
  • Make, build, or paint something together with donated craft supplies

Remember, the most important thing isn’t what you’re doing—it’s simply the fact that you are spending time together! And if your leaders and mentors are going on summer vacations, you can always send a postcard from your destination to your friends to remind them that you’re still thinking of them.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your friends in the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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