Start a Group

Program Guide

Getting started is easier than you might think! Here are our recommendations – and if you get stuck or need extra advice, please contact us. We’re here to help!

  1. Start with the Program Guide, which is available online or in print. This useful handbook provides step-by-step instructions for starting a Friendship group.
  2. Order an Introductory Kit and start becoming familiar with Friendship materials. You can also download a sample session from God, Our Father, or visit the TOGETHER website for information and samples from our exciting new curriculum.
  3. Download (and read) What Friendship Mentors Need to Know and start recruiting mentors. It’s not hard – click here for some recruiting tips.
  4. Review the Abuse Prevention Guidelines and Volunteer Disclosure Form. These important documents will help you ensure that your group is a safe place for everyone.
  5. When you get started, let us know! We’ll welcome your group in our newsletter.