Resources for Including Persons with ASD

In 2018, the ADDM (Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring) estimated that 1 in 59 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. That means that we risk leaving a lot of people behind when we don’t make belonging a priority! Last year, our “Better Belonging” series outlined specific ways to cultivate inclusion in your church. To supplement the series, we wanted to highlight some other resources to help parents, pastors, and church members create belonging for the individuals with autism. 

Autism and Your Church → Written by Barb J. Newman, this is a comprehensive handbook for churches to understand ASD. Through Autism and Your Church, readers will be enabled to: 

  • appreciate those with ASD as persons created in God’s image
  • discover ten strategies for including people with ASD
  • develop an action plan for ongoing ministry

Autism and Children’s MinistryThis 55-minute webinar is given by our former Executive Director, Nella Uitvlugt. The webinar touches on the same principles of Autism and Your Church, but it is primarily focused on incorporating belonging into children’s ministry. The full video is available online. 

Doing Church with AutismWritten for The Gospel Coalition, this article’s author, David, is on the autism spectrum. His first-hand experience of autism lends him an accurate and unique perspective on the topic of autism and the church. Read the full article here to hear David’s insights on how we can best foster belonging at church.

Facts and TrendsThis blog post approaches the topic of autism by highlighting how the church can improve. By incorporating personal accounts and data reports, the author touches on the concrete ways the church can improve their inclusion of individuals with autism. 

Lastly, TOGETHER Bible studies are a great way to ensure nobody is left out of worship. Study everything from creation to Lent TOGETHER. See our entire catalogue here. 

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