Re-Member the Body of Christ

Church leaders! This is for you!

Connect with families living with dementia:

  • Elevate the voice of people in the church living with dementia
  • Grow your relationship with congregants
  • Learn about community and worship with persons living with dementia
  • Receive resources and support

Here’s how:

Reach Out

Tell us you’re ready to connect with families in your congregation who are living with dementia. We will equip you to connect with them through:

  • PowerPoint slides for inviting families to participate
  • An announcement blurb for your church bulletin or social media
  • Talking points and questions to use for inviting families in person or by phone

Even one family being involved will make a difference!

Learn from families

We provide you with a survey, and options for families to respond easily:

  • A printed questionnaire for families to fill out and turn in to you
  • an online form they fill out and their responses to you (we provide a template). We are eager to share what all families have to say, with permission.
  • A conversation you have with families where you ask them the questions and you fill out the responses on your form, based on our template or on the form we have available.

You get to know families more deeply, helping you minister more effectively.

Learn with families

Participate in a dementia-friendly Bible study and education session. We provide you with:

By learning alongside one another, we build relationships as co-laborers in Christ.

Additional Helpful articles:

Reformed Worship Article on leading worship in memory care facilities

Devotions for Today: One-sentence devotions with pictures to lift the spirit, simply.

Designed with people with dementia in mind, reducing the number of words to process, including a large picture and an icon to pair with the prayer topic. Leave it open to a page for a day or a week, and use it to reflect on God’s Word, speak to Him, and keep prayer in the routine of life as other routines are changing.

Order a copy printed and shipped to you (Amazon)