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Do you desire guidance and resources as you seek to fully include persons with varied abilities within your congregation? Whether you’ve been including persons with disabilities for years or are just beginning on the journey, our consultants are eager to partner with your church as you move forward in God’s call to create communities of belonging.  

Through annual Membership

  • We equip your congregation (staff, volunteers, and participants) with best practices for building belonging.
  • By enrolling, you are invited to gatherings where our team of church consultants, other inclusion experts, and other Members share ideas about faithfully building belonging.
  • Our church consultants can coach, train, and support you.
  • Your entire congregation gains access to our online library of Member Resources (beyond what we already have available for free) AND the entire Together curriculum.
  • You have opportunities to participate in our Circle of Congregations for Teaching and Learning.

All for your support of our ministry at just $50 per month, or $500 for a year. Sign up now, so we can send you a welcome packet loaded with encouraging books, information, and ideas!

Partner with us today!

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What members are saying…

“I have really appreciated the membership and this great connection!”

-Member in Illinois

“Sharing ideas, meeting others, having varied denominations participating – I look forward to keeping connections, and the trainings provided.”

-Member in Texas

“We appreicate gaining access to all of these valuable resources.”

-Member in Michigan

“Thank you so much! These are amazing resources!”

-Member in California

“Keep doing what you’re doing! I consider memberhip important and look forward to renewing it.”

-Member in Michigan