Our Canadian Road Trip

Back in April, our Executive Director Tom and Friendship Canada administrator Heather took a trip down the 401 Highway in Ontario to visit various Friendship Groups in Canada. Predominantly focusing on visits to towns east of Toronto, they met with 8 groups in 5 locations over the course of 2.5 days. 

By enticing their 65+ participants with yummy food,  Tom and Heather took the opportunity to share some great tips and offer reminders & encouragement to the mentors and leaders of the Friendship Groups. They met some terrific people with a soft spot in their hearts for sharing God’s love with our Friends.

For the Friendship team, this trip was invaluable. We love reminding volunteers that they are not alone in their ministry. What you are doing in your Friendship Club is SO important! We had a number of pastors join us as well, which is huge in supporting the inclusive ministries in these communities. “We’d love to do more of these!” said Heather. In fact, she’s already hosted another workshop at Mountainview CRC in Grimsby following this trip.

If you’re wanting to see your group grow, or you feel like you need help in recruiting younger mentors and keeping your group fresh, send Heather (canada@friendship.org) an email! She’s happy to come and visit – and she brings food like yummy wraps or pizza! Who can resist? 

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