Let’s Ride to Welcome Others

On Saturday, October 5th, Friendship Ministries is biking to support belonging for people of ALL abilities – and we want you to join!

Ride for Refuge is a family-friendly bike/walking fundraising event for organizations that support the most vulnerable of people. There are almost 200 charities represented across 430 teams, with more and more participants joining by the day! Friendship Canada’s Heather DeBoer has gotten the ball rolling and started a team for us in Hamilton.

If you’re not in the area, you can also start your own team to raise money for Friendship! Here’s how to do it: 

  • Start here to register
  • Choose your location 
  • Join a Friendship Ministries team or start your own team if there aren’t any near you 
  • Pay the registration fee or waive it by raising $150 for your organization of choice
  • Fill in your contact details 
  • Add people to your team – friends, mentors, and people from your church
  • Fundraise by letting others know that you’re biking for a good cause and you want them to get involved! 
  • Accept easy online donations through the R4R site
  • Join us on Saturday, October 25th for Ride for Refuge and walk, run, or bike for inclusive ministry. 

If you can’t make the event, you can also support Friendship Ministries by donating to one of our teams. This year’s funds will be put towards the Friendship Canada’s general budget, and help us connect with groups, churches, and leaders! This is a great way for you and perhaps your Friendship Group to give back. 

This is our third time EVER participating in Ride for Refuge, and we’re hoping to see some friendly faces. For the love of our friends, let’s do this! 

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