How It Works

The Nuts and Bolts

Whether you’re just thinking about getting started or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll find fun and helpful ideas in the sections below.

Gathering Congregational Support

Are you excited about ministry with people of all abilities, but you’re not sure how to convince others how important it is? Try some of these resources!

Keeping Everyone Safe

Your church has policies in place, and we encourage you to get to know them well, so that you can safely serve with people of all abilities. If you get stuck or need extra advice, please contact us. We’re here to help!

Group Activities

Art Projects

Fun and Games

Leader Resources

An overview of the TOGETHER curriculum you can use with people of all abilities (and mixed ages!).

Friends should not be only on the receiving end of ministry. This resource will help you find ways to help your friends share their gifts.

A training module created in collaboration with church and ministry leaders to equip small group leaders and participants.

Helpful tips for including friends who may be non-verbal or have a higher level of needs.

A set of model guidelines to reduce the risk of abuse occurring within your group.

This form can help facilitate the screening of volunteers who will help provide a safe environment within your group.