How to Transition

How to Transition from Old to New

You’ve got the official Friendship bag and t-shirt. You’ve got the lingo down – friends, mentors, leaders, inclusion, accessibility. Your Friendship group just celebrated its 10 year anniversary and you are excited to keep going for another decade.

But you may be struggling with the recent changes in our curriculum. With the new releases we have rolled out over the last year, how do you transition from the old Friendship studies to the new TOGETHER curriculum?

It can seem like a daunting leap to take your group from something very familiar and safe to uncharted waters, but we want to make this an easy transition. We are convinced that TOGETHER is the best next step in your Friendship club. The heart of Friendship Ministries hasn’t changed – we still long to see persons of ALL abilities enfolded into the body of Christ. But new strategies have been developed to help us do that even better!

We value the time, effort, and energy you have put into your Friendship group. Our prayer is that these new tools would bless your friends and mentors in a powerful way. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Watch the video.

The “Retool Your Friendship Group” webinar is available for you to watch anytime. This video gives you a good overview of how the new curriculum is similar to and different from the print materials you’re used to.

Try something small.

TOGETHER studies range in length, so start your group off with one of our shorter units like Unwrapping Your Gifts or one of our single-session Christmas studies. Small bites are the easiest to swallow!

Onboard your mentors first.

Invite your mentors to dive into the study before incorporating it into your next Friendship meeting. Once you familiarize yourself with the tool, have a separate meeting with your mentors or invite them to come a little early to Friendship club. Walk them through the online resources and how to access each one.

Reach out when you need help.

Technical difficulties? We are always available to troubleshoot. Reach us by email or phone (888.866.8966) and we’ll help you make it through!

Utilize accessibility tools.

We know that each Friendship group is different, and that the members in your group have their own unique needs. Check out our resources “Adapting the Sessions” and “Adapting for Dementia” for practical ways to use customize TOGETHER to your Friends.


We know that all of our human efforts are wasted if God does not act on our behalf. We are praying with you that His name would be glorified through the lives of your group members and through the TOGETHER tool.

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