Friendship Pillow Toss

We’re pulling together a special project and we need your help! The goal is to show how faith, friendship, and belonging are still being spread across Canada, even during these difficult times.

Take a look at this fun example video that uses toilet paper. Our version will use a red heart, just like the Friendship logo. If you have a Friendship heart pillow from Heather, please use that! Or you can create your own heart from paper, cloth, etc. to throw. Get creative!

We’re asking you to follow these steps below to help us create a mashup video for Friendship:

  • Record on your phone in portrait/vertical (NOT landscape) mode
  • Subject should be in the center of the screen – be careful to not cut off their head or hands, give plenty of space around them
  • Your heart should come “in” from your right and go “out” to your left
  • Don’t cut your video short – add a few extra seconds of ‘blank’ space at the front and back end of your video for editing.

Send your video to and please include your first name, city, and province. And THANK YOU!

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