Friendship is Poetry

“Jesus paid it all, all to him I owe / Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow.” Those old, familiar lines are so profound, and yet familiarity sometimes causes us to overlook them. That it is possible to be washed as white as snow—that is the essence of the good news!

In 2009, we shared this beautiful piece of original poetry from Beth Slater of the Calvin Friendship Ministries group in Muskegon, MI. It springs from the well-loved hymn “Jesus Paid It All” and adds a personal touch to the testimony.

We hope this poem brings you renewed encouragement today by putting an old concept in a fresh perspective. And we would love to share more stories like this one—more poems, songs, artwork, and creative pieces that display God’s story in a new way.

If you or your friends have a piece of original art to share, would you consider sending it to us? We would be honored to share your encouragement with our community. Friendship Ministries is about making God’s word accessible to all people through any medium, including art! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. And a special thank you to Beth for her work below.

Jesus Paid It All

by Beth Slater

Jesus paid it all on the cross for me,
He paid the ransom for my soul a place called Calvary,
So come to the father he is waiting for you,
To ask him in so why not let him enter in because he is in love with you,
So come to the place where sins can be forgiven,
To those who believe that he died for me and came to love us unconditionally,
For there is a precious father that loves you every day,
And he wants you to know that you are loved in every way,
For there is a presence among us that we cannot even see,
For the spirit of the lord is in the room with me,
He is watching and waiting for us as we kneel before his throne,
As for his grace and mercy they comfort me,
For all that come to praise the lord, he will show his love forevermore,
Jesus paid it all and all to him I owe
For my sins have been washed white as snow,
If you come to the father he will give you rest,
Peace and joy will come to you at last,
So come to the father he is in love with you,
His love and mercy will reflect on you,
Love can move mountains skies and seas,
His love and mercy is abundant and free,
So come to the savior he is waiting for you,
To ask him in your life and as we read the word of truth,
His love is patient everywhere I go,
And I know he loves me because he told us so.

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