Free Study “Jesus: Face to Face”

We’re offering FREE online curriculum to help you continue to invest in faith, friendships, and belonging during COVID-19.

“Cancelled” – that’s the message many of us are receiving regarding our church services, Friendship groups, and adult Bible studies. But although we are walking through difficult & dark times, we hold tight to the truth that faith, friendships, and belonging cannot be cancelled!

In an effort to help everyone continue to receive encouraging lessons  – even from home! – we are offering one of our most popular studies, “Jesus: Face to Face,” free of charge for a limited time.

This study illuminates how we can “meet Jesus” in many ways despite our circumstances… we can meet Him when we are not well, when we feel lonely, when we are doubting. What an encouraging reminder for today!

We are praying for you – our Friends, mentors, church leaders, caregivers, and inclusive ministry partners around the world. How blessed we are that despite many cancellations, we can still meet Jesus face to face!

In Him,

Tom VanWingerden
Executive Director

Jesus: Face to Face

To take advantage of this free study, follow these steps:

1. Visit
2. Add “Jesus: Face to Face” to your cart.
3. At checkout, use coupon code INTHISTOGETHER to receive free digital access.

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