Craft Ideas for “Unwrapping Your Gifts”

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace” (1 Peter 4:10). Each member of Christ’s body has been blessed with a unique gift, but it’s hard to know what it is at times. In our Bible study, “Unwrapping your Gifts,” we use lessons from Acts and Exodus to help participants discover their unique talents.

Drawing from the same passages used in our study, we’ve put together a list of fun crafts and activities in line with the idea of discovering God’s gifts. We hope these may be a blessing to your fellowship.

 The Choosing of the Seven

Acts 6 is an account of the “Choosing of the Seven.” In this passage, we learn the Holy Spirit came down to choose seven deacons who  helped spread the gospel throughout Israel. With your group, all you need are some crayons and paper and you can try creating a picture of something using one crayon each, taking turns adding to the picture. You can follow the instructions for this activity from this blog, or adapt it for a group, drawing an image that is meaningful to the group.

You could even try this on Zoom if your group is meeting that way, using the whiteboard feature (here’s how to use it), or you could allow the group to create an image together over time by mailing or delivering the drawing from one person to the next, in their homes. The result is an impactful lesson illustrating how God gives us each gifts so that we can serve others by working together. 

Peter Raises Tabitha

God is sovereign over all of creation and can make amazing things happen. He does things that would be impossible for human beings! We call these actions miracles, of course. In Acts 9, God gives Peter the ability to raise someone from the dead. In turn, Peter uses his gifts to turn the glory back to God.

Recreate Peter’s miracle with a paper bag, or modify the Learning to Listen craft idea from our last blog post and witness God’s glory. For the paper bag option, see this craft idea for making a puppet with eyes that close (scroll down to the “banker” puppet) or the “Wake up Tabitha” section of this children’s Bible lesson. Ponder with your group: what kind of gifts has God given us?

The Burning Bush

When God called upon Moses to deliver his people from Egypt, Moses was afraid. He cries out: “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” In response, God reassures Moses that he is with him. The story of the burning bush shows that God not only gives us gifts, but he gives us the courage to use them, too.

Using tissue paper, glue and a printable, this craft involves making your own burning bush luminary. For a more permanent luminary, try this beautiful mason jar version of the craft. Choose the craft that works best for members of your group as a great reminder of God’s message to serve His people with the gifts He has given us. 

Peter Rescued from Jail

What are the purposes of our gifts? Peter’s rescue from jail sheds light on the Bible’s answer. When an angel helped Peter escape from jail, it was because the believers used their gift: prayer. We may not always understand God’s great plan, but we do have the gift of prayer.

This craft serves as an interactive illustration of how God listened to the believers’ prayers and acted upon their request in a way that surprised even them! Instead of group members drawing Peter, they could cut out the picture of Peter from the Take Home Card for this session to use in this craft. 

Paul and Silas in Jail

It’s truly inspiring to hear about how Paul and Silas pointed their jailer towards Christ. God helped Paul and Silas endure their suffering, freed them, and used their gifts of joy to turn the jailer toward salvation. God continues to be our strength through difficult times so that our gifts can bless others.

Here are 3 different paper chain crafts you can try with your group, to engage in the story of Paul and Silas: 

  • Print and follow the instructions on this PDF (image here) to create (and break!) prison chains, as you discuss how God broke Paul and Silas free. 
  • Print, cut and create this paper chain with your group and hang it somewhere so that you can remember that God is “always with you.” 
  • Try making a paper chain like this to remember you have God’s gift of joy and the power to “rejoice in the Lord always.”  

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