Christmas at Aylmer

By Tiena Jones, Aylmer Christian Reformed Church, Aylmer, ON

The Christmas Program has been the highlight of the group in Aylmer for many years. We present it to two of our local nursing homes on consecutive weeks. Then our main presentation is in the church where we invite family members, friends, and the congregation. It is always well attended. Catechism that night joins us, too. We also stream the program to the local Senior’s Residence Common Room.

We present programs that my colleague or I have written or adapted from previous ones. This year we went back to a program from 2006 and did it again. It is very difficult to tell “The Old, Old Story” in a new, new way from year to year.

As you can see, our costumes are super simple, easy to manage. We use these same costumes year round for our weekly dramas in our lessons.

We usually have two narrators, one for reading the “story” part and one to read the corresponding scriptures. The characters then act out the appropriate parts. It is always a big deal deciding who will play Mary! We have the songs all put up on the screen so that the audience can sing with us.

We open with a welcome by a Friend and a prayer done by a mentor. To close the program, a Friend says, “Thank you for coming, join us for refreshments,” and another helper offers a closing prayer. And everyone is thoroughly blessed.   

Does your Friendship Club or inclusive small group do something special in the community to celebrate Christmas? We’d love to share it! Email