CHRISTMAS Activities for All Ages

Enjoy using one or more of these ideas in an intergenerational or family setting. Find some special times to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. Here are some ideas you might use.

BAKE: A Birthday Cake for Jesus

Here is a recipe for a birthday cake for Jesus.
Mix together a white cake mix, then divide the batter into three parts. To one part, add brown food coloring; to the second, add red; and to the third, add green. Bake according to the box instructions.
• The bottom layer of the cake is brown for our sins.
• The middle layer is red for Jesus’ blood, which was shed for our sins.
• The top layer is green for life. We have new life in our heart if we accept
Jesus as our Lord.

When the cake has cooled, frost it with white frosting to remind you of Jesus’ purity. Use yellow frosting to make a star in the middle of the cake top with frosting. This represents the star of Bethlehem that led the wise men to Jesus. Place a big red candle in the middle of the star to symbolize Jesus. Light the candle and give each person a
small candle. Take turns lighting your candle from the Jesus candle and sticking it in the cake. Let our lights shine before others!

Before you cut and eat the cake, sing some Christmas songs together.

RETELL: The Story of Christmas

There are so many ways to retell the story of the birth of Jesus. Here are a few you might choose from, or make up one on your own.

  • Have one person read Luke 2:1-20 while others act it out.
  • Use some of the decorations around your home or church and tell the story with figurines.
  • Find your favorite children’s Bible storybook and read the Christmas story to someone who will enjoy it.
  • Record a video of your family/group reading or acting out the story and then play it for someone else.

PHOTOGRAPH: Members of the Family of God

We remember that the gift of Jesus—his birth, life, death, and resurrection—offers us a chance to be part of God’s family. While we all have family members through our birth families, we also have many brothers and sisters who are part of our “faith family.” Gather or take some photos (ask permission first) of some of your faith family members who are especially precious to you. As you look at these pictures, thank God for these people who are now related to you through Jesus.

Mary: Giving Birth to Good News

These ideas are from the Together Bible study unit, Mary: Giving Birth to Good News. You can explore the rest of the unit here!