Canadian Corner – December 2020

By Heather DeBoer, Friendship Ministries Canada

This fall, we’ve been met with unprecedented times and have had to be creative about just everything in our lives. From shopping with masks on, to washing hands whenever we pass a faucet, to visiting with friends and family on a porch instead of in the house. But we do this to stay safe, to keep hospitalizations down, and care for each other.

Fundraising has also had to become creative. For the last number of years, Friendship Ministries Canada has collaborated with Ride for Refuge to raise funds to support our Friends and churches running programs in their communities. Usually, the event is riding your bike or walking a certain distance. This year, since we could not gather to do the event, ministries were encouraged to do just about anything they wanted! You could bake, knit, walk, read books or, in my case, go on a vineyard walking tour capped by a flight of tasting—how fun is that! Together, we raised just over $2,000. Many, many thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

Friendship Ministries Canada continues to support leaders and churches through this pandemic through video messages and phone calls. We are hearing that groups are struggling to maintain contact with Friends during this time of isolation. But connections are possible! Cards, phone calls, and driveway visits are just some of the ideas we are hearing from leaders. Some groups are giving Zoom (or other video call tools) a try with their Friends. Largely this is well received by our Friends; they love to see themselves and their Friends on the computer or tablet screen.

Caregivers are also deeply appreciative of attempts at outreach. This pandemic time is not easy for many of them either. The days are long and keeping Friends busy through the day with no support can be difficult, so any interaction with “outside” people is appreciated. We know that Friendship Ministries reaches not just our Friends, but also those who care and live with them each day. Thank you for all that you do to connect creatively with Friends during this time.

As the pandemic continues, please continue to support Friendship Ministries. Help us reach those who are even further isolated for their protection. Help us bring a sense of belonging to each and every Friend! Your prayers and financial support are deeply appreciated.

Heather DeBoer
Friendship Ministries Canada