Breaking the silence with an announcement!

Together for good. All Belong and Friendship Ministries
Two organizations coming together for good!
Friendship Ministries joins with All Belong, further expanding services to congregations who pursue becoming a more inclusive community.
It has been quiet in the winter months for Friendship Ministries -at least on the blog. But, behind the scenes, things have been happening! We want you to know about new beginnings and innovative solutions we are experiencing! It is a joy to announce that Friendship Ministries has combined its resources with those of All Belong.

Under the banner of All Belong’s name and enduring mission—to equip congregations and schools to glorify God through purposeful, innovative inclusion of persons with varied abilities—we will together build on Friendship Ministries’ work to serve churches by providing curriculum designed to build relationships within and across local churches and communities.

We at Friendship Ministries sought out a partnership with a like-minded, Christ-centered ministry focused on inclusion. All Belong joyfully took the opportunity to create a proposal, engage in discussion with Friendship Ministries leadership, and, after much prayer and planning, finalize Friendship Ministries as a subsidiary of All Belong – a friendly and positive outcome for all of us.

In many ways this new relationship just makes sense; we have long shared a heart for similar work in building belonging in churches. We look forward to keeping you updated on the future opportunities this opens up.

In short, we’re excited.  With supporters like you, and this new development for the organization, we’re eager to expand our impact through this avenue of purposeful, innovative inclusion of persons with varied abilities in God’s kingdom. And that’s something we can all celebrate, together.  
All Belong is delighted to join with Friendship Ministries!

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