Breaking Barriers with TOGETHER

Breaking Barriers with TOGETHER

Disability Concerns is an organization formed by the Christian Reformed Church in North America and the Reformed Church in America to promote and foster inclusive relationships within the Church.

Their latest newsletter, Breaking Barriers, focused on “inclusive small groups” as the theme. Among other stories highlighting inclusive ministry, Friendship Ministries had the honor to be included in this quarter’s issue! We are so thankful for this opportunity.

In the newsletter, Irene Kraegel recounts her experience using a TOGETHER Bible study. Although her church, Grace CRC, offers an adult Sunday school hour, the nature of their studies was not accessible to many members of the congregation. That’s why they started to incorporate the TOGETHER studies. The multimedia format of the curriculum kept members engaged and interested.

Barbara Newman and Tory White also joyfully share their experience with our curriculum in their story, “Still Involved – with a Dementia Diagnosis.” When a member of their congregation, John, was diagnosed with dementia, they formed an inclusive Bible study to support his needs. They chose our curriculum, as the highly visual nature of it would lay the perfect foundation for their group. Every week, John, his wife, and several others join together to engage in great conversation thanks to “the visuals in the Bible study.”

You can read the full articles in the newsletter, available in English, Spanish, and Korean, along with an audio version.