Autism and Your Church

Autism and Your Church

Autism and Your Church

A diagnosis of autism is often very isolating for an individual and his or her family. While the church should be the first to welcome and enfold each member of the body of Christ, it is often ill-equipped to deal with the unique needs of those affected by autism. This book provides helpful information about the diagnosis, practical, easy-to-implement strategies, and loving reminders of our mandate to interact with each person as a valued image bearer with gifts to enhance our community of believers.
—Laurel Falvo, Certified Family Life Educator, Executive Director, The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding

This indispensable handbook provides a wealth of practical tips, including a chapter on behavior management and a discussion of what “Autism Spectrum Disorder” means.

It will enable your church to

  • appreciate those with ASD as persons created in God’s image
  • discover ten strategies for including people with ASD
  • develop an action plan for ongoing ministry

Autism and Your Church contains lots of practical tips to successfully include individuals on the spectrum in church.
—Temple Grandin, author of The Way I See It

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Autism and Children’s Ministry Webinar

You want to include children with ASD in Sunday school and other church ministries, but it’s hard to know where to start. This webinar will give you the tools you need! From understanding the basics of ASD, to employing strategies for including individuals with ASD, to managing difficult behaviors, you’ll learn how to form an action plan and get started.
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