Articles in “La Fuente” During COVID-19

Dear friends,

Due to all the precautions we must take with COVID-19, it has been necessary to change how we promote and organize Ministerio Amistad in Latin America. But despite changes, we are still seeing many people take advantage of these accessible materials to welcome people with disability into God’s family!

We are encouraging Friendship Groups to abide by the recommendations of the medical experts and avoid contagion in vulnerable areas. One of the activities affected has been church attendance, as many churches have been temporarily closed and Amistad meetings have been postponed. But this situation has allowed us to increase outreach to individual families – and what could be better than sharing the Word of God at home? Therefore at Amistad we have set ourselves two goals:

1. Promote Amistad classes at home. We do this by reaching all Friends’ homes with Amistad lessons. Every week, through the Amistad newsletter, we share an Bible study lesson that includes simple activities that each Friend can do at home. In this way, they can continue working with their group. The response has been very positive with many notes of gratitude from parents and caregivers.

2. Ministerial formation. When developing the at-home Amistad program, some parents, mentors, and Sunday school teachers have asked us for information on how to prepare. So we have started a series of informative articles where we explain how to develop this ministry with people with intellectual disabilities. We are publishing these articles in La Fuente magazine, which is the # 1 Christian magazine on ministerial formation for churches in Latin America. Through these stories we have reached many people in Latin America, including those who did not know about Amistad before!

Thank you for your continued support of this ministry. Our brothers and sisters around the world are in this same situation and we are all encouraged by the continuation of inclusive ministry during this time. Take care of yourself at home!

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Ministerio Amistad

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