Appreciating Our Gifts

Romans 12:6 reminds us that “we have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.” God blesses certain people with certain gifts. Friendship Groups foster an inclusive environment so that everybody’s gifts may shine — even gifts that might often be overlooked or forgotten. Sometimes, this gift is musical, as Rob of Ontario recounts for us: 

One of our friends plays guitar, though not with us. He asked about playing so we passed along a copy of “He Has the Whole World in His Hands” for him to learn. He practiced it for a number of months with his guitar teacher. We kept the song in heavy rotation so that the group would be prepared for it. He eventually showed up one evening with his guitar in hand, ready to go. It was a proud moment for him and a great moment for all of us to share together.

However, a person’s gifts aren’t always so visible. Virtues like love, trust, or compassion are less visible, but they’re truly valuable as well. Here’s what Annette  of Alberta said about one concerned friend: 

I had the misfortune of falling ice and thus had a cast on my wrist this winter. Many Friends wanted to know what happened, touched the cast, expressed concern for me. One girl wrote notes to me asking me about it and how it had happened. She was very concerned. They also told me to be careful! They knew when it came off and were excited that my arm was better. A very caring  and sharing group of people

Lastly, Craig in Saskatchewan shares an instance of how a friend exemplified his gift of understanding during a meeting: 

One evening during the Unwrapping Your Gifts series that we did in January, one of our friends joined the teacher on the platform. His  was used to write a word with the teacher’s guiding his. There was an incredible discussion at our table groups based on that illustration of how God uses us and others with our own distinct personalities and gifting. For whatever reason, that illustration with Jared and Gerry really struck a chord with our group as Jared sought to illustrate the role the Holy Spirit often plays in our lives as our gifts are employed for His glory!!

Explore our inclusive Bible study, Unwrapping Your Gifts, to foster, discover, and utilize the gifts of your friendship group. Have an encouraging story to share from your Friendship group? We’d love to hear! Email

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