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Have you heard about AmazonSmile? You’re probably familiar with–the giant online retailer that offers everything from chewing gum to books to electronics. They have developed a way to give back to qualifying nonprofits through a program called AmazonSmile. We want to take a minute and share how you can support Friendship Ministries through AmazonSmile–at absolutely no extra cost to you!

How does it work?

If you have an account:

  • Instead of logging into, visit this new URL–
  • Sign into your Amazon account like normal with your username and password
  • Fill your electronic cart with deals! When you’re ready to purchase, head to checkout.
  • The site will prompt you to choose a receiving charity. Search for “Friendship Ministries” or enter our ID: 38-2468684
  • Complete your payment to purchase your items; meanwhile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of that purchasing cost to our ministry!

If you don’t use

  • If you’d like to start using this online shopping center, create an account at Once your account is created, you can start shopping at using the instructions above!
  • If you’d rather not use, what about telling your friends who already do? Share this blog with you friends on social media!
  • Consider asking for your next Christmas or birthday gift specifically from AmazonSmile to benefit Friendship Ministries
  • Remind your friends to shop at, especially around holidays, Cyber Monday, and the annual “double giving” days! We’ll let you know about these special days on our Facebook page.

What are some other ways to support Friendship? We’re glad you asked! We’re always looking for partners to:

  • Sponsor our golf outing
  • Help us cover the cost of developing new curriculum materials
  • Support the Mary Louters Fund for Latin American Groups
  • Commit to being a monthly partner
  • Donate to the Thanksgiving Feast

You can give online at Truly, every bit of support helps. We are grateful for each of our financial partners who help provide tangible tools to create inclusive ministry. Thank you for helping us continue the work of creating spaces for faith, friendship, and belonging!

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