A Creative Welcome

A Creative Welcome

by Heather DeBoer, Friendship Ministries—Canada

On Sunday, Marlene and Zach, who lives with Down syndrome, led the welcome time at our church.

Zach’s speech can be hard to understand, so Marlene and his mom got creative and used a bitmoji presentation to guide the welcome. It was very cool—light hearted, but also super respectful of Zach, and a perfect way for him to communicate clearly.

(There was one problem… they couldn’t find any bitmojis of people with Down syndrome! Hmm… any artists out there who could fix that?)

Some serious points to Marlene, Zach, and Zach’s mom for creativity!!

You can see a few slides from their presentation below. WE HAVE PERMISSION TO SHARE THIS PRESENTATION, so contact us if you’d like to modify it for use at your own church.

Zach and Marlene say Hi.
Welcome to ClearView Church.
Zach: If you have been here a lot of times...
Marlene: ...or if you are new and feeling a bit shy...
Zach: Welcome if you are young...
Marlene: ...or if you are a couple years older.
Zach: Welcome if you are a space travelling superhero...
Marlene: ... or if you are still trying to figure out the space time continuum.
Zach: No matter who you are, welcome to ClearView.
Marlene: We hope you find a place here where everyone belongs!

One thought on “A Creative Welcome

  1. Wow! That Marlene sounds like one awesome lady! So great that Zach and her worked so well together. Welcome, a laugh or two….and a community of belonging. They should win a prize or something

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