9 Socially Distant Activities for your Friendship Group

While the pandemic has made it difficult to have social gatherings, our Friendship Groups have been finding creative ways to maintain connections in other ways. One group had the idea to make lawn signs to celebrate birthdays, and our team in Canada made this super fun video to remind us that God’s love connects us. 

We don’t know when we will be able to safely gather again. As we discover more and more tips along the way, here are 9 creative and socially distant ways you can spend time with friends. 

Care packages. Show your appreciation and love for your Friendship Group by sending a care package. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant; an encouraging note (and a few treats) can go a long way! 

Picnic at a park. Grab some sandwiches, snacks, and masks of course! Head to your local park for a picnic with friends. Use fun objects to mark assigned seats to maintain social distancing and share fellowship outside! 

Mix-it-Up on Zoom. Keep things fresh during online Bible study! Try playing around with fun filters or experiment with a new TOGETHER video. Friendship Group leaders are also encouraged to share their screen and play fun games! 

Pizza delivery. Who doesn’t love pizza? Make a special delivery to a friend’s house with a fun activity and a nice note. You can also sit in your car and share some (socially-distant) fellowship! 

Collaborate on a project. Do you remember that game where you fold a piece of paper into thirds and take turns drawing a part of the body? What if you tried that over mail? It may take longer but we think the anticipation would make things even more fun! You could also hand deliver the artwork to speed up the process.

Use email to your advantage. Video chat isn’t the only way you can stay connected. Email is a quick-and-easy way to keep up with all your friends. Make it fun by sending craft ideas, Bible verses, and other helpful resources. 

Send a card. A handwritten note that contains a greeting and lets the other person know you are praying for them makes a huge impact! Consider asking church members to donate stamps and cards to keep your group well supplied during the next few months. Ask each Mentor to write their Friend once a month.

Send a “reverse” card. Another way to mix-up this idea is to send a card to your Friend that is partially filled in. Ask them to send it back to you with prayer requests or a colored picture. Include a stamped and pre-addressed envelope for ease of use.

Share a game. Invite your Mentors to send a small game to their Friend. Perhaps it’s dice and instructions or a little deck of cards. Not only is it fun to get packages in the mail, but it will also provide entertainment as the months get colder and more Friends are stuck inside. Mentors can also video call their Friend to play the game over Zoom.

We hope these ideas help anyone in a creative rut. The word of God is precious! May HIS blessed word continue to bless our hearts. Find more resources on virtual ministry here and make sure to take advantage of our FREE study here. 

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