5 Crafts for Jesus: Face to Face

How and when do we meet Jesus? In our digital accessible study, Jesus: Face to Face, participants are invited to ponder this very question over the span of 8 units. The study combines New Testament passages, discussion questions, and fun activities to teach the lesson that we will encounter Jesus again and again in our lives. Inspired by Jesus: Face to Face, we’ve sourced 5 additional craft ideas to supplement the study’s key ideas. 

1 Love Rainbow Craft 

Jesus: Face to Face begins with an examination of the way we meet Jesus through other people. This colorful craft reminds us of all the people in our lives that bring us closer to Jesus. 

2 Grow in Faith 

We meet Jesus even when we aren’t well. The third session of the study teaches us that we need to trust that Jesus will meet us in our pain! This craft takes inspiration from nature to remind us of God’s grace when we have faith. 

3 Stained Glass Cross

We meet Jesus when we are in pain because he met us when he was in pain. Make your own “stained glass” cross to remember that Jesus understands our suffering best of all. 

4 Jesus Loves Me Thiiiis Much 

The 6th unit of our study teaches participants that Jesus still loves us when we doubt. When we regain our strength, Jesus will be waiting for us. This craft is a celebration of faith and Jesus’ immense love for us. 

5 I Can Pray Craft 

We meet Jesus in different ways at different times. This craft is a great way to remind ourselves of our enduring fellowship with Christ.

We are currently offering Jesus: Face to Face for free. In this time of uncertainty, we want to support faith communities around the world in any way that we can. We hope this study can be a source of comfort and a reminder that Jesus will always meet us anytime, anywhere. 

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