5 Crafts for “Creation Keepers”

In our study Creation Keepers, we explore how to participate in creation-keeping while we await His return. By drawing on key concepts from the study, we compiled a list of fun crafts for ALL ages and abilities. Each craft corresponds to a chapter of the study (+ a bonus one!).

Embrace God’s special task for his chosen people by rejoicing in His creation! Try out these ideas at your next Bible study and bring the story of creation to life. 

Created to be Caretakers 

The first session focuses on the idea that God made the world and made us to be its caretakers. Follow along the creation story by making your own 7 days of creation! All you need are some paper plates and craft supplies. 

Get the instructions here >>


The next section focuses on how the world became broken after Adam and Eve disobeyed God. We think this craft would be a great way to discuss how sin entered our world. The apple represents temptation and the tearing of tissue paper illustrates how sin “tears” us away from God. 

Get the instructions here >>

Called to Be Rulers

This chapter highlights our role in this broken world. As God’s chosen people, we are called to tend after his creation. Through this craft, participants are invited to look at God’s creation and thus be affirmed of their relationship to Him. 

Get the instructions here >>

New Creation

The final chapter ends with a triumphant reminder of redemption. It focuses on the coming of 

Christ and looks towards the sanctification of our world. This “button tree” represents the new tree that is present in the New Heavens and New Earth.

Get the full instructions here >>

Bonus Craft! 

As an added bonus craft, we’re including this delicious craft that depicts the creation story in another way. See the recipe and the meaning of each snack here >>

To continue the exploration of our role as God’s “Creation Keepers,” check out the full inclusive Bible study here

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