Faith is a gift from God that does not depend on any…


Our program model encourages the development of one-on-one, personal, and meaningful relationships:…


We long for the day when people of all abilities are fully…
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What People Say About Friendship

“I’ve learned so much about God [at Friendship]. I’ve learned that I’m never alone. I always have Jesus with me…and I always have other people who care about me too.”

A Friend from Iowa

It was amazing to pray with Kristen…. Although I did not completely understand Kristen’s words, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit surround us. I learned the art of what Kristen and I can do together in ministry, instead of what I can do for Kristen.

Noel, Mentor

“We’ve used God, Our Father, Jesus, Our Savior, and when we realized we are coming to the end of The Spirit, Our Helper we just about died! We are really happy with this material, and pleased to find that more is available.”

Elsie, Group Leader

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Continue, Enhance, Invest

Hey there Friendship Leaders and Mentors, Wow, what a different world we are now living in. Hm, “living.” That’s a great word and one that strikes me as relevant during this pandemic. I’m not thinking of life or death situations, […]

The Widow’s Offering

Every day at the Friendship Ministries office I walk out to the road to get the mail, head back inside, and open each piece of mail one by one. The bills (yes, bills unfortunately) go into one pile, and the […]

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